and Why It Is so Popular Why It Is so Popular?

A new game has been taking the internet by storm, attracting players from far and wide. It’s not Minecraft, it’s not Counter-Strike. No, this quirky little game is known only by its website name, The concept is simple: you’re playing as a cell, and you must eat other cells to grow bigger and survive. There’s a few more rules than that, but ultimately, the entire game can be learned within a few seconds.

So, for such a simple game, how did it grow so fast? Why are so many now playing it? Well, a few factors are involved, none of them too complex.

The Game Itself is the perfect blend of simplicity and addictiveness. It is easy to play and learn, but with the addition of a leaderboard and intense PvP action, it becomes highly competitive. It’s easy to sit down and learn the game for a few minutes, only to find yourself three hours later wondering if anyone missed you at work.


The gutter of the internet, 4chan is most famed for its bad habits, namely hacking and harassing people simply because they can. However, the website also holds great influence, and was a key early adopter of Thousands of users flocked to the site from 4chan, boosting its popularity and pagerank universally. This isn’t a unique occurrence: 4chan was also a key factor in the popularity of Besiege, a small yet creative Indie game which released in early 2015.

Internet Celebrities

As the game grew, more and more Internet celebrities took note of it. Streamers and YouTubers with millions of fans each would release videos and streams involving the game, giving it massive exposure to gamers worldwide. Although they can not be credited with the game’s initial success, these Internet celebrities have undoubtedly brought tens of thousands of players to

To recap, is a simple yet addictive game which has garnered the favor of several key Internet places and people. The game is still exploding, and the site often seems to be troubled by buckling servers. Just hop on for a few minutes- or hours- and see what it’s all about.

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