Best Call Center Software Solutions Download Comparison

A call center software system can help a company or an organization improve customer supports and reduce response time. Today this kind of software has been widely used in the call centers of hospitals, remedy, 911, medical centers, health care centers, and e-commerce marketing departments. Their users also include call center outsourcing services agencies.

Call center applications can be parts of a company’s CRM (customer relationship management) system. They can also be integrated with contact center programs or help desk software systems.

Virtual, Outbound and VoIP Call Center Software Tools

What are virtual, outbound and VoIP call center solutions? Today most of the call center solutions are virtual call center software programs based on Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies. This kind of solutions can help contact centers reduce the costs of call center hardware and bills of phone calls.

Outbound call center solutions originates from call center outsourcing business. It can help a call center agent make outbound calls on behalf of a company. An outbound call center agent usually provides services of telemarketing, sales promotion calls, surveys calls, and information verification.

Top Call Center Management Software Systems Download and Comparison

A commercial call center software tool can support up to thousands of desktops. It usually costs hundreds of US dollars or more. The top software applications leading the pack include inContact, Ameyo Communications Suite, and Five 9 Call Center Software.

inContact is a hosted solutions on the cloud for financial call centers, insurance call centers, medical and healthcare call centers, and public sector call centers. The key functions of Five 9 Call Center Software include customer contact management automation, technical support automation, integrated call center infrastructure, CRM applications, and business continuity options. Ameyo Communications Suite provides a fully-featured solution for contact centers. They are best call center and contact center systems in the market. A user may find a perfect solution from them.

Some of the commercial systems also provide low-cost and fully-featured solutions for small and medium-sized call centers. Though the pricing of these solutions are reasonable, sometimes they are still too expensive for small business owners who are looking for cheaper or free alternatives. In this circumstance, a user can choose a free or open source solution. Please see the article Best Free Open Source Call Center Software Download Reviews for details.

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