Boosted Board v2 – Here’s whats new!

The Origin of The Boosted Board

The Boosted Board is a lightweight electric skateboard. The first version hit the market about three years ago. It was designed by John Ulmen as a means of getting around his school campus. He designed it with the motor and battery pack at either end of the board, rather than like other brands of electric skateboards, where both are in the center. The board is also made out of bamboo, to be flexible, which gives a much more comfortable ride than some skateboards. It also has brakes, which many electric skateboards lack. The motor is belt-driven, not gear-driven, which means it runs quiet and you have the most control possible over the board.

The Boosted Board is designed to last for thousands of hours of use, and has modern conveniences such as wireless connectivity, machined metal components, aerospace-grade batteries and a 2,000 watt motor that’s assures you can handle hills without a problem.

Designed for all sizes

The flexible bamboo and fiberglass it is made of assuring that it will bend, and not break, with a heavier user. Also, these boards are manufactured in California, USA, so all dollars spent to purchase the board stays in the country to help our economy stay strong.

Second Generation

On May 19, 2016, Boosted Boards announced their V2 model, which is the second generation of the Boosted Board. The company should start shipping the pre-ordered boards approximately eight weeks after the day it was announced. The improvements to the board are as follows:

Longer Battery Life

You can choose whether to use the original battery, which will give you six to seven miles of range, or use the new battery style. The new battery gives you 12 to 14 miles of range. However, the new battery is not safe to take on an airplane, so if you plan to travel with your board you may need both – the new style for most of the time, and the older style for going away. The batteries are easily replaced with just a screwdriver.

Better Drivetrain

The Boosted Board V2 has a stronger drivetrain than the original board, and in case of a problem, it is entirely user-serviceable.

New Accessory Port

There is an accessory port built in where users can now charge their cell phone from the battery pack of their Boosted Board.

NextGen Bluetooth

The Bluetooth now has a stronger signal, and there are two of these stronger signals. The original Boosted Board had just one Bluetooth signal.

Water Resistant Electronics

You can now use your Boosted Board even in rainy weather or go through yesterdays left-over puddles, without causing it any damage. If you get caught in the rain halfway home, your board will be ok too. All electronics on the Boosted Board V2are water-resistant.

International Availability

The Boosted company now has the certification needed to s Boosted Boards all over the world. They are currently accepting international pre-orders for the V2 Board. You can also now order the first generation board if you are an international customer.

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