Bose In-Ear Headphones, Review

I was really lucky to receive a pair of Bose in-ear earphones for Christmas one year. All I had before were a poor sounding pair of earphones I think I got at the .99 cent store after my really nice Sony pair finally gave out.

These Bose earphones fit inside of your ears, unlike of the Bose head phones you may have seen advertised which fit over your ears. Since everyone’s ears are different these earphones come with 3 separate pairs of rubber-like ear bud options, small medium and large. Each one is a separate size. I really like that they didn’t go the one size fits all route as many do. Having the right size helps to keep them in my ears. After I first got the earphones I switched out the ear buds until I found a perfect fit for my ears. I haven’t figured a use for the others ear buds but I keep them around in case a friend or something would like to use them sometime. The silicon makes them really comfortable in your ear, instead of the common hard plastic found on most earphones.

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The ear buds are easy to switch out but not too easy where they come off easily. You have to pull on them to get them off. I have never had them come off on their own. I, personally have never had any problem with these falling out of my ears. Actually, these are the most comfortable of any of the in ear ear phones I have tried, because most start hurting after having them in for awhile. These do not. That said everyone’s ears are different and may have a different experience. A family member of mine has this issue and can never find any in ear buds that fit comfortably for her.

Unlike the Bose Headphones you may have heard of these are not noise cancelling. They sit just in your ear canal. They do not sit deep inside as some in ear phones do. I am not often in noisy areas so not having noise cancelling is not a problem for me. If you use your headphones in noisy cities you might want to try these out first to make sure the outside noise is not too bad for you.

The sound that comes from them is rich and full. It is almost a bit weird as it almost feels like the sound in coming from your inside head. It is so clear and smooth.They produce excellent, clear bass and treble.

The connector fits the standard larger connectors you find in most home stereos and laptops. If you have a small mp3 player you might need an adaptor to get it to fit.

They came with a small zip up case which fits my little MP3 player, the Bose earphones and if I organize it right even the charger to my mp3 player (my charger is small.) I don’t have an iPod, but I have seen the Nano’s and it would probably carry a Nano iPod just fine. It would not fit an iPod Touch though, as I remember those being a bit larger than the earphone case.

All in all I really like these headphones. The price is a bit high at almost $100 a pair but the sound is crisp and clear and the fit is comfortable. Everything you need in a good pair of headphones.

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