Bowers and Wilkins P7 Review

Listening to music on a headphone is an experience in itself. If you are an avid music lover, you will not worry about spending a few additional dollars on headphones to enjoy the stereo experience. Bowers and Wilkins is a highly recognized brand in the stereo industry with a series of upscale headphones and wireless speakers. The latest addition to the headphones series is the Bowers and Wilkins P7, priced at $400. At such a price, you can expect superior quality and P7 won’t disappoint you.


When you open the box of P7, you will understand what luxury is all about. Designed with the softest leather with stunning stainless steel accents, P7 is definitely a very pretty headphone. The half moon shaped case reduces the size of the headphone to improve portability. The steel ribbons secure the ear cups providing optimal movement that enable you to adjust the ear cups according to your requirement. The ear cups are connected with round hinges using which you can fold the headphone to keep it in the case. The detachable cables are also luxuriously designed. It has two sets of cables with and without a microphone. The 3.5mm end is ideal for Apple devices with in-line microphone. The 2.5mm jack cable can be used for home enjoyment.

Bowers and Wilkins P7


If you were craving to really hear the music through your headphone, you will be floored by the attention to detail provided by the P7. Every music production can be heard so vividly and P7 has wonderful dynamic range. This headphone guarantees superior sound balance. It is not for the kids who are just interested in the Beats. It is designed for the adults who are interested in listening to the nuances of the tracks. P7 has taken a safety approach to deliver treble to provide excellent bass and zing while listening to the music.


When you are paying a premium price, you expect the headphone to be comfortable to wear all day long. The superior leather finish feels very soft to wear all the time, but it can become hot when you listen to music for long hours. Even though P7 has one of the finest leather that reminds you of Mercedes Benz, the bulkiness shows its effect after wearing the headphone for a long time.



The P7 headphone is designed not just as a home headphone. The addition of cable with microphone ensures that you can listen to the music on the go. However, the bulky design doesn’t make it entirely portable. If you don’t mind carrying a slightly larger case, you can however enjoy using the headphone with your Apple smart device. The size of the headphone is a letdown, but this size is actually required to deliver superior sound quality.

It is a true joy to explore clarity, dynamics, and power of music using the Bowers and Wilkins P7 headphone. You will gladly wear this headphone at home and take it with you on travel. However, the price tag is very high, considering that there are several powerful headphones available for less than $300.

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