Best Zombie Survival Games (DayZ Alternatives)

Written by Kevin Larkins

Zombies have always been around in popular culture and in 2006 the zombie phenomena really took off. Since that time many MMO games have been released featuring the zombie apocalypse theme. One title that really became popular was Day Z. This particular zombie themed game became a cult favorite for online players. Many other zombie apocalypse games have been created since Day Z’s arrival. Here are some zombie games that offer an alternative to Day Z that some players should enjoy.

Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead is a zombie survival game that requires playes to get to a safe house. This game utilizes teamwork and team tactics for survival. Very few if any players are actually to defeat the hordes of zombies on their own. Players should also get a real thrill out of the zombies various attacks becuase they have some special manuevers that can break up a team. When this happens, they will feed on isolated players. So beware, zombie attack is not a game for loners.

Dead Island

Dead Island is a zombie game that takes place on a island called Banoi. Players are able to trek across the island by walking or driving. They will encounter the living dead as they make their way over the landscape. One thing about Dead Island that players usually enjoy is all of the neat zombie killing weapons that they can create on the fly. People can combine car batteries with machetes and use weapons that have a special type of attack such as impact or mindblow. Players can wander throughout the island in search of a way off and to figure out how to stop the living dead. These three zombie survival games should be enough to get a person started. If not, here are a few other survival based zombie games that are available for play. They include Deadlight, Killing Floor and Project Zomboid.

The Walking Dead

Robert Kirkman’s Walking Dead series is one of the biggest television shows in cable history and it is also a video game with a huge following. The game version of the Walking Dead is a survival based title where a person has to use their wits and skills to live through a Zombie Apocalypse. Players will move through this post-apocalyptic world as the main character Lee Everett. He eventually meets up with a girl named Clementine and they join a bond as they navigate through the zombie filled world.

The Walking Dead game is split into two series with five episodes in each series. Players will be able to decide who lives, who dies and who becomes a part of their group or gets banished. There is a lot of action and plenty of puzzles that will keep people engrossed in the storyline. Just like the television show, the game is able to hook people in by wondering if they will be able to survive into the next round of play.

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