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How to Connect an Apple Wired Mouse to a PC Laptop

The Apple Mouse features four programmable buttons and a 360° scroll ball. Windows 10, XP and 7 computers are compatible with some of its features.

The Apple Mouse is Apple’s first mouse that has more than one button. The Apple Mouse features four programmable buttons (left and right click along with one on each side of the mouse) and a 360° scroll ball on the top. As of now, it is still sold by Apple as a stand-alone item, but it is no longer included as part of every new Macintosh desktop computer sold. Apple’s Magic Mouse is now included with every iMac and MacPro desktop computer. (The Mac mini ships without a mouse, or keyboard for that matter.) Windows 2010, XP and 7 computers are compatible with some, but not all of its features. It also features optical tracking, meaning that the mouse contains no moving parts inside of it.

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Attach It

Power on your laptop and connect the mouse to the most convenient USB port. The Apple Mouse has a USB cable attached, and is compatible with both USB 1.1 and 2.0 ports. Since virtually every laptop running Windows 2010, XP or 7 has a USB port, there is no need for any additional cables or adapters. Understand that only the wired version of the Apple Mouse will work on a Windows computer.

Let Windows Recognize It

Give the laptop time to recognize the mouse. On the PC, the Apple Mouse is strictly plug-and-play. No software installation is required, as it uses drivers that are built-in to Windows operating system. Because a mouse is a low-power peripheral, you don’t need to power down your PC before attaching it.

Tweak the Settings

Configure the preferences for the mouse by double clicking the “Mouse” icon in the Control Panel. The control panel can be opened by clicking on the “Start” icon in the lower left corner of your screen. However you must understand that the mouse was designed for the Macintosh, so not every feature works on the PC, most notably the “side buttons.”

Important to Know

  • The Apple Mouse doesn’t suit every user’s tastes, so give a hands-on try before spending any money.
  • You are not able to connect the Mighty Mouse to a PS/2jack without adding a USB to PS/2 adapter (which has to be purchased separately).
  • Although reports have surfaced regarding users configuring the wireless version to work on Windows computers via Bluetooth, neither Apple nor Microsoft sanctions it.
  • The Apple Mouse was known as the “Mighty Mouse” until 2009, when Apple was forced to change the name due to legal reasons.

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