How to Copy iPod to iTunes.

The Apple iPod requires the use of the free iTunes software when uploading contents from the portable device up to a computer. This program is required for both PC and Mac based systems. Even if you are new to uploading music from your iPod to a Mac or Windows system it is relatively straight forward as iTunes walks you through the basic process. Music is obtained onto the iPod (without a computer) by downloading the content directly form the iTunes application installed on the iPod. However, without first backing up the music files onto a computer you do face the threat of losing the purchased material, if the iPod should crash. Because of this, it is a good idea to back up all your mobile music purchases by uploading the contents to your computer system.

Connect iPod to Mac or PC

Insert the provided USB data cable into the power port at the bottom of the iPod.

Plug the opposite end of the cable into any of the USB ports on the Mac or PC. Once the Mac detects the connected iPod it launches iTunes automatically. Wait while iTunes syncs and copies all the current information from the iPod onto the Mac’s hard drive. Depending on the amount of music you have stored on the iPod this process may take a few minutes.

Upload Music to Mac or PC

Select the iPod listed under “My Devices” in iTunes (this option is found on the left hand side of the program window). Here you are able to check to make sure all of the information from your iPod has uploaded to the Mac or Windows computer. Select the category you are curious about (such as “Music” or “Movies”) and all of the uploaded information appears.

Disconnect the iPod from your Mac or Windows computer once the sync has finished and iTunes states, in the top, middle of the screen, that it is safe to disconnect the iPod from the computer. Repeat this process whenever possible after you download music and videos directly to the iPod with the mobile iTunes application.

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The lineup of Apple iPods is extremely helpful when it comes to playing back movies and music while you are on the go. However, if you download and add content to your iPod via a wireless download, you must upload the content back onto your computer system. If not, you run the risk of permanently losing the purchased media, should your iPod run into an unexpected problem and crash, which in turn deletes all information stored on the iPod’s hard drive.

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