How To Host An Ftp Server On Windows With FileZilla

Looking how to host an ftp server? An FTP repository comes in handy when you want to transfer several files between machines. Once mapped to various computers, this repository can be accessed by other people from windows Explorer.

To begin with, you must download the FileZilla server. Install the program with all its default settings. The FileZilla interface opens, once it is done installing. Click OK. Indicate a directory which will be the FTP repository. You can create a folder and place the FTP share in there. We will put our FTP on the desktop. The location will be “C:\Users\example\Desktop\FTP”.

How To Host An Ftp Server

  • Select “Edit”, then choose “Users”.
  • Click on “Shared folders” on the window that pops up.
  • Insert the username that a different computer will use to access this repository being created.
  • Once you key in the account name, click “OK”.
  • Under the “Shared folders” select “Add”.

Once you complete that, a window will pop up. Use this window to choose the FTP repository directory you want shared. Click the ‘OK’ button.

Next, we are going to give permission to each user to access this repository. Each user we have set up can list directories, subdirectories and read files by default. You need to give the users additional access, such as checking the boxes under “Directories” and “Files” and permission to copy files. Once you have completed the user permission set ups, click ‘OK’.

Hackers frequently browse the internet in search of hosts who still use port 21, which is the known default FTP server. You can secure this by changing this port. This will protect you from online hackers who target the FTP server users. Here is the process to do this.

  • Click ‘Edit’, then ‘Settings’.
  • Select ‘General Settings’
  • Check where it says ‘Listen on these ports’. It is on 21 by default.
  • Change it to a five digit number chosen randomly. For example 34685.


This process just conceals you from hackers and does not make your server secure completely. Any determined hacker can still find your new FTP server. Extra security measures need to be put in place. You need to know the IP addresses of the computers that you have given permission to connect to the FTP server. Use this to program FileZilla to respond to sign-in requests from only the known IP addresses.

Click ‘Edit’, go to ‘Settings’, then select ‘IP Filter.’ In box1, block other IPs from accessing your server. In box 2, add IP ranges that are permitted to connect.

Your FTP server is fully set up. Other people can log in with their user details you supplied to them. Ensure that their IP addresses are permitted to connect to your server. Others can use GUI software like FileZilla to log in or map your server to their machines so it reflects in Explorer.

Click the ‘Computer’ icon on your computer. Right click the blank area and tap “Add a network location.” On “Add Network Location”, click ‘Next’ two times. Input your server’s FTP server then tap ‘Next’. Uncheck the command “Log on anonymously”. Key in your FTP server’s configured username. Click ‘Next’ two times. Tap ‘Finish.’

You will be prompted for a password. You are now ready to use your FTP share just like your hard drive.

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