How To Own Your Own Website Even If You Think You Can’t Build One

In today’s business world, many companies are on the World Wide Web. In order to benefit from internet business, you need an online presence. You do not need to spend a lot of money to employ somebody to build your website. Free software and affordable web hosting is at your disposal. With many blogs and websites on the internet, it is time to learn how to own your own website even if you think you can’t build one.

To have your personal website, you must pay for a domain and hosting. To be visible online, you first need to buy a domain name. This is the URL that a potential client key in the browser to locate your website. A domain name will make you visible to remote computers. There is a yearly fee to be paid to have your domain name registered. It is advisable to buy a domain name and hosting from the same company. Each domain name may cost between $10- $25.


The second thing is to host your website. Hosting can be simply understood as a hard drive space you use to store the contents of your website. Hosting can be accessed in many places. At the moment, the most important hosting features are MySQL version 5.0 or PHP version 5.2.4. With less than $10 monthly; you can access hosting that offers MySQL and PHP. Do not trouble yourself with finding a smart domain. You can simply use your name or your cat’s first name. You may buy another name anytime you want.

Majority of modern websites come standard with a content management system in the background. This makes it easier for non-technical handlers to design, customize features and update content by using a web browser only. WordPress, Drupal, and Joomla are the most widely used software packages. All these can be downloaded for free and lets you design, manage and update your own site. The focus here will be on installation.


The Easiest Way to Install WordPress

  • Log in to your new hosting. Go to the control panel. It is commonly referred to as Cpanel. At the bottom, you will find “Site Builders”. Under site builders, you will see “Simple Scripts”, or “1-Click Install”.
  • Tap “simple script” for the 1-click install program.
  • Many sites have lists of downloadable software. Select WordPress from the software list and Install it.
  • On the next screen click the icon that reads “Install”
  • Answer the question that asks where you would like to install WordPress. If you bought your domain from the host, you can select your URL from the dropdown. It looks like this:
  • Accept the terms and conditions. No magic here.

You will get links to your domain and have backend access to your content manager. These are accessible from the script screen.

Well done! There you have it! It is that simple. Your personal website is ready. You now need to tailor it to your satisfaction.

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