How To Play Spotify Music On The Amazon Echo

Amazon Prime Music is the default for all music played on the Amazon Echo. But you must know how to play Spotify music on the Amazon echo. You can do this by having your Spotify account linked to the Amazon Echo and let Alexa play whatever kind of music via the third party option.

The Amazon Echo’s Prime Music works great in many instances especially if you would like to play a particular song. Sometimes you may want to listen to music of the 80s through Alexa. It will locate that kind of music on Prime Music, and you will be satisfied even if you use Spotify to a large extent.

Spotify must be connected to Amazon Echo in order to play your saved playlist and enjoy the music. You must be a Premium user on Spotify. Free users do not have access to this option.

How To Play Spotify Music On The Amazon Echo

Here are The Steps to Follow:

  • On your phone, click the Amazon Echo App.
  • At your screen’s top-left corner, choose the menu icon.
  • Click the ‘settings’ option.
  • Select “Account”, click the “Music & Media” icon.
  • Choose the “Link account on” option
  • Hit the icon that says “Log in to Spotify”. You need to sign up for Spotify if you have not registered with Spotify. Choose the “Sign up for Spotify” option. Note that you must have a Spotify Premium account to enjoy the Amazon Echo synchronization.
  • Insert the username you signed up with on Spotify. Then enter in your password.
  • Select the “Log in” option.
  • Click on “Okay”
  • You will see this notification, “Your Spotify account has been linked successfully”.

There you have it! You have linked your Spotify account to the Amazon Echo!

When you need to listen to a playlist or a specific song, you can voice your request to Alexa by saying, “Play Reggae Music on Spotify”. It will sort out different songs from Reggae Music and play the music you have requested.

How To Play Spotify Music On The Amazon Echo

Examples of Spotify Commands you can ask Alexa to do:

  • “Shuffle(playlist name) on Spotify”
  • “Shuffle(artist name) on Spotify”(Plays songs from that artist)
  • “Play (category) on Spotify”(Rock,70s music, Reggae, Hip-hop)
  • “Shuffle(Song name) on Spotify”(Add artist if there are many songs under a similar name)
  • “Shuffle (composer)on Spotify”(Plays music from that composer)

The common playback commands such as “Mute”, “Pause”, “Resume”, “Stop”, work well with Spotify. If you give Alexa a command like “Play Spotify”, it will play Spotify from where it last stopped. When you ask it to play music in Spotify, you will see the song in the “Now Playing” area. You will have to click the Spotify up installed on your phone to see this. You can then manage this song using your phone. This very song plays on the Amazon Echo app at the same time.

If Alexa does not recognize a song you have asked it to play, use the manual settings on the Spotify app to play the right song. Tap the Amazon Echo output speaker using the output options at the bottom. From this point, you can command Alexa to “stop”, “pause”, or “mute”. Use the steps above to play Spotify music on the Amazon Echo.

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