How to Save on Craft Supplies: Discount Stores, Internet Coupons, and Creativity

In a tight economy, more and more people are choosing to stay home and enjoy their hobbies. Hobbies can offer ways to interact with the family, create homemade presents, and provide satisfaction to the average hobbyist. When times are tough, however, spending a lot on craft supplies can strain a budget. Here are some ways to save.

Stores like Big Lots and the various dollar stores around the globe often sell scrapbooking or yarn supplies at a greatly reduced discount. They receive overruns of certain items that they turn around to the consumer for a price that is sometimes as much as eighty to ninety percent off the regular retail price.

While these items may be limited (such as one color or style of yarn versus ten), quality is often exactly the same.

Hardware Stores and Flea Markets

Consumers should look at craft items creatively to see whether certain items might be found at the hardware store. Things like scrapbooking tags, woodworking supplies, or glass beads can routinely be found for a reduced price.

Some folks buy craft supplies with the intention of using them, but life gets busy and they sit untouched. Often these items will later be sold at rummage sales or flea markets in the hopes of recooping her investment. Things like material, yarn, scrapbooking paper, stickers, and stamps can often be found right in the neighborhood at a far cheaper price than one would pay in the store.

Internet Coupons

Many hobby stores offer newsletters with special discounts to frequent shoppers. But even if someone chooses not sign up for such offers, a simple Internet search can uncover these same deals. All a hobby lover needs to do is print off the coupon and bring it to the stores.

Certain crafts supplies are seasonal (Christmas stickers, Halloween scrapbook elements, yarn for Hannukah projects) and can be purchased at up to seventy percent off just by waiting for the season to conclude. Buying off-season materials in preparation for the following season is a good strategy.

Reuse and Recycle

Sometimes store-bought craft supplies can be substituted by things found around the house. For example, Christmas or birthday cards can be made into scrapbook pages. Or, yarn for a new project can be obtained by ripping apart an old sweater or afghan. Old drapes or tablecloths can be reused into other sewing projects.

Finding ways to save on craft supplies isn’t difficult. Sometimes all it takes is a creative approach and diligence to wait until items are on sale. Never give up on a hobby simply because it’s too expensive. Instead, use some of the previous tips to make a hobby affordable.

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