How To Switch To VoIP And Ditch Your Home Phone Bill Forever

Are you tired of spending a lot of money on home phone bills? Do you want to make your telecommunications supplier obsolete and save your hard earned cash? Here is how to switch to VoIP and ditch your home phone bill forever.

How This Works

The most current method of linking to the outside world through your home phone is through VoIP. It provides quality service and affordable price. Many internet packages come with a VoIP bundle.

To keep your home line in operation, you will have to part with between $200-600 yearly. Efforts have been made to reduce telecommunications costs by trialing different bridging and VoIP techniques. The following directions show you how to combine internet connection, an affordable Obi hardware, and Google Voice account to have affordable calling rates.


Things to have; An Ethernet cable, a corded/cordless telephone, a suitable OBi100,OBi110 or OBi202 model, Google voice account (available for free),broadband Internet Access, a telephone cable(RJ11),Anveo account($12/year).

There are various VoIP providers that you can configure manually to work with the OBi device. Google Voice is preferred because it charges $0.01per minute when you are calling internationally and is readily available in most countries.

How to Set up Google Voice and Configure OBi

  • Login to google voice.
  • Accept the terms and conditions.
  • Get a Google voice phone number.
  • Use a phone number that works in the US as a forwarding number.
  • Google voice will give you a call on the forwarding number.
  • Key in the two digit code for confirmation.
  • Choose your Google Voice phone number.
  • To activate this service, make a Google Voice call within the Google Voice Portal.

Start connecting Google Voice with the OBi Device

Plug the OBi device into your phone and data network; boot the device by plugging in the transformer and update the firmware, then register for an account with OBi. Confirm the email sent from OBi and Click on “Add Device”. Dial the registration code (e.g. 56789) OBi will supply you with, and then hang up when you receive an automatic response.

Next configure the OBi device through the portal. The device serial number, MAC address and OBi number will be prepopulated automatically for you. You need to give the device a name. Then, choose a password, insert a PIN (4 digits) before tapping the icon that says “Save Changes.”

How To Switch To VoIP

Now it is  time to link the Google Voice with OBi device

  • Click the icon ‘Google Voice Set Up’.
  • Give your account a name.
  • Check “Make this the primary line to call out from” and “Google Voicemail Notification.”
  • Add a local area code.
  • Insert your username and password on Google Voice.
  • Click “Submit”.
  • Wait for five minutes for the configuration to be completed.

When the status indicator shows “connected”, start testing the connection. Use the handset linked to your OBi device to call a friend. You will be surprised by the amount of money that you will save. You will never again incur phone call bills again.

At this juncture, you have fully converted your home phone to a free VoIP system with all the amenities your phone company charges you for. It is time ditch phone bills and start enjoying free long distance and local calls.

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