How To Install iOS on Android Step by Step

Welcome to TheWireFeed! Today we will show you how you are able to get the iPhone experience on your Android Phone. It doesn’t take much to get Apples amazing interface on your terrible Android phone. Here’s how:

An iOS launcher is a great way to bring the iOS-like user experience to an Android phone. We downloaded several and gave them a thorough working over. Results were mixed: some kept crashing or had glitches like not cropping the app icons correctly. Little things that just look wrong. But these two performed the best in our opinion.

One Launcher

This was our favorite because it has all the small details of the iOS interface that many other launchers missed. That includes the long press on an icon to delete an app and the way the icons shake indicating it’s ready to delete the app when the user taps X.

More than half a million happy users agree, giving One Launcher a strong average rating of 4.3 stars out of five. There are recent and regular updates, so the developers are working hard to support and improve it.

xOS Launcher

We liked the xOS Launcher too. This is another launcher with a beautiful, well-developed interface that’s very iOS-like. In use, it has about everything you want for a convincing iOS experience. It’s almost as well liked as One Launcher, attracting an average of 4.2 stars from a user community that’s just a bit smaller. Similarly, it’s been updated recently and monitored.

These two were our favorites out of all the iOS launchers we tried because they’ve got the little details and functions of the Apple UI working beautifully. They’re solid too with no crashes or bugs to ruin the effect, on any of the Android devices we tested them on. Both launchers require a minimum of Android version 4.0.3.

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