MeElectronics M9 Headphones Review

Before a friend’s recommendation for the M9s, I had never heard of the brand MeElectronics. After having my previous Skullcandy Ink’d headphones break on me, I was in need of a new pair. I thought that since MeElectronic’s M9 headphones worked well for my friend, I might as well pick a pair up and try them out.

Now I think everyone should know the MeElectronics brand.

Indeed, these headphones, that did not come at a premium price, were a pleasant surprise. Don’t let the price tag or appearance fool you, it performs similarly to the top dogs in the headphone market. However, one has to take this performance with a grain of salt, as the M9 does have its downsides.

In the end, is the M9 something that you should pick up?

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Let’s start out with what’s most important: the sound. I tried out a variety of songs from my playlists with these headphones, and I have to say, it delivers on this aspect. The bass is controlled and natural, and it is certainly noticeable without being too dominant. The mids sound great as well, as music through these headphones sound pretty smooth and textured. Finally, I was also surprised to note the highs sounded good as well, as it came through clearly. Obviously, it’s not the same as the best headphones around, but it is amazing at its price.

I personally like the simplistic design, as they’re pretty stylish without being extravagant. In addition, the in ear design is comfortable for the most part, as you get to choose from three standard sizes for the bud. Obviously, you’ll feel a bit uncomfortable after prolonged use, but I never noticed anything during most of my use.

Noise isolation is acceptable, and it was certainly welcome whenever I was listening to music outside especially on public transit!

I found it nice that the set came with a little case for the headphones; not anything special, but it’s a nice extra perk.

Although I haven’t had them for long, the headphones seem to be of a pretty good build, especially for its price. The cable is flexible and strong, and the earbuds seem durable.

The filter was made out of paper, which is one part of the headphones that will definitely not be very durable. A mesh filter would’ve been a much better choice.

If you’re a casual music enthusiast, then the MeElectronics M9 headphones will be more than enough for you. The M9s were so good that it was difficult for me to even pick out one flaw, and it was a pretty petty one at that. It gives you a premium music experience at a surprisingly low cost, and I’d certainly recommend it to everyone.

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