Negotiate a Better Credit Card: Save Money, Lower Interest Rates, and Get Better Rewards

Obtaining a better credit card deal is not as difficult as many people think it is. There is no reason for a person to stick with a credit card that does not offer them the best deal around. Here are some tips to find lower interest rates, get better credit card rewards and ultimately save a lot of money and stress.

Research Other Credit Cards to Get Lower Interest Rates

To get the best credit card deal available, a person has to spend some time researching other credit cards. They should find companies that are offering lower interest rates than they are currently paying. If they do find a credit card that has a lower interest rate this can be used as leverage to get a lower rate with their own credit card company. A simple phone call to the person’s credit company telling them that they are going to switch cards may just result in a lower interest rate for the person’s current credit card. Credit card companies don’t want to lose their customers and most are willing to lower interest rates for a period of time to keep customers.

Compare Credit Cards Online

There are several websites that will compare interest rates on credit cards. The key to finding the best credit card on this type of site is to pay attention to all the details about the card. One should look at things such as grace periods, annual fees, what the introductory period and rate is, late fee amounts, and rates on balance transfers and cash advances. Some credit cards may have a lower rate but they will have an annual fee attached that makes them more expensive in the end. To save money, look for a free credit card that has no annual fee attached.

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A Good Credit History is a Definite Advantage

If a person has a good credit history they need to utilize that history in the best way possible. For example, if a person has had the same credit card for five years and is in good standing with the card, they may be able to their loyalty to the card to get a lower rate.

Everyone should know their FICO score if they ever want to negotiate a better credit card deal. If a person has a top-notch score, they can easily get a better interest rate from a credit card even if it means getting rid of their current one and going with a new credit card.

Look at the Credit Card Rewards

Some people may have a higher interest rate or an annual fee on their card but they have great rewards that makes up for it. Many cards now have added perks to them like frequent flyer miles, cash back bonuses, and point systems. Sometimes it may be worth it to pay a higher interest rate to reap these rewards. Weight the rewards with the other credit card options to see if there are benefits or not. If a person never carries a balance on their credit card then an interest rate may not be a big deal, which means that they should definitely find a credit card reward program to join. A person can save money by just doing some research and negotiating on their credit card deals. Most people are often surprised to find that their credit card company is more than willing to match other offers to keep a customer, it’s just a matter of the person asking for it.

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