PC Gaming vs Console Gaming

For years now, many people have wondered whether or not it is actually worth it to switch to PC gaming. Often times people will use the argument, “PC gaming is just too expensive! To build a PC worth anything you have to shell out thousands of dollars!” This simply is not true. It is no secret that by switching to PC gaming you will spend a decent amount of cash when building your computer, but in the long run it is certainly worth it. Another common argument is that it doesn’t offer the mobility that console gaming does, and the third argument is that you cannot sit back on your couch and game as you can with an XBOX or PlayStation. All of these arguments can and will be proven wrong, as there really is no case in which PC gaming is not the better choice.

pc vs xbox

So, the first point that is extremely common is that PC gaming is too expensive. This is false, you can build a “console killer” which essentially a build that costs the same price as a console but performs significantly more efficiently. If you do, however, decide to build a PC that costs more than a console, then you would still save money buying games. Steam has insane deals constantly running, most notably during the summer and winter. During these deals, you can get brand new, AAA games for half the price, or even less!

A lot of people like to say that PC gaming doesn’t offer the same mobility as console gaming, this is also false. There are many cases that allow you to make tiny builds and carry them with you everywhere. These use motherboards called Micro ATX. There are other ways around this so-called mobility issue as well. Many things, like the Steam Machine, also offers a lot of mobility.

The last argument is that you cannot sit back on your couch and game, and for this I have two words. Steam Machine.The Steam Machine was designed to allow you to do this, which is why Steam is also releasing its very own controller this year.

There is really no possible reason not to switch to PC gaming, unless you’re in love with the nostalgia that playing consoles brings to you. In the end, however, PC gaming is superior.

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