Playstation 4 vs. Xbox One

Xbox One vs. PS4: Which Console is Best?

Microsoft’s Xbox and Sony Playstation are two of the biggest and best video game consoles on the market. They both dominate the world of gaming and each unit has their advantages and disadvantages. When both of these consoles are compared side by side, it can be hard to figure out which unit is the best overall performer. The following comparison will reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the Xbox One and the Playstation.

Playstation 4 vs. Xbox One


The specs or components that drive and power these consoles are quite impressive. Both the Playstation and Xbox have 1.6 GHz of processing speed and 8GB RAM and 500 GB of HD. This translates to smooth game play, high quality graphics and lots of space for saving games, music, videos, photos and other media. The PS4 has one advantage in regards to specs. Its hard drive can be removed and replaced with a larger model.


Both consoles have a generic design and they look rather drab in black. The PS4 has a tower appearance and the Xbox One has bulky configuration similar to a desktop PC. Both of these units are not that impressive and come off boring and unimpressive. Many critics favor the PS4 in this area because it has a more modern look than the Xbox One.


The controllers for both consoles have been redesigned and each features a wide variety of new elements that were not available on the previous models. First, the Playstation controller has a health meter built into the controller. This allows players to monitor their life directly from the joystick instead of the screen. PS4 controllers also have a headphone jack, dual shock technology, a share button that directly links players into the Platystation community and computer compatibility.

Xbox One controllers has a wake-on voice feature, allows users to multitask with little ease and it is a console that operates with little noise. The unit has removable paddles for supporting a person’s thumbs, wireless remote control operation and cloud capabilities. With its motion tracking ergonomic design, the Xbox One controllers are considered slightly better than the PS4.

Game Titles

Video consoles are all about the games. PS4 has better titles than Xbox One. The PS4 is clearly the winner when it comes to titles.

Online Gaming Services

Xbox One has better online gaming services and content than PS4. Xbox offers streaming and gaming service but it can also be integrated with a person’s cable TV. PS4 has streaming services but does not offer this feature. Xbox is the better product in terms of gaming services.


The Xbox One costs $299 and the PS4 costs $299. The Xbox has plenty of features which justifies it price and so does the PS4. However, consumers will be able to do more things with their Xbox One than they could with their PS4. Depending on what purpose a game console will be used for, both units have been competitively priced. Playstation 4 vs. Xbox One is an important debate because video game technology is important to modern culture. Just keep in mind that both units have their good and bad points and ultimately, it is up for each consumer to decide which is best.

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