Product Review: Shure E4C Earbud Headphones

Are you the type of person who felt liberated upon buying your first pair of earbud headphones? The small speakers that nestle deeply inside the ears, earbud headphones are small, light, and a good pair feels invisible when worn.

A good pair of earbuds can make listening to music a pleasant experience, while a bad pair can mean ear pain, literally. What earbuds are worth the money, that won’t make your ears hurt while offering clear audio and soundproofing against the outer world? The Shure E4C, that which pair.

If you’re considering purchasing the Shure E4C earbud headphones, read on to see if they will meet your standards.

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When discussing design, the Shure E4C earbuds seem quite basic. They have a standard length cord and white buds with large cushions on the end. The cushions are squishy, and are designed to form to the ear canal for a tight, comfortably fit.


These headphones feature soundproof, squishy earbuds, a standard 3.5mm gold-plated jack, and a standard cord. The cord doesn’t pick up noise from movements, and is thick.

These headphones have a rating of 109db at 29 Ohm, meaning you get a nice bass with low power consumption, making these perfect for portable audio players.

There cord is 5ft long and features a volume adjuster on it, making it easy to control the volume without having to pull the entire player out.

Audio Quality

The audio quality on these headphones is beyond comprehension; they demand a high quality player to justify their purchase, because they are that good. The bass is deep and rumbling, the treble is sharp and clear, and the high range is perfectly in tune.

These earbuds completely block out all external noise, and this doesn’t just happen when listening to music. You can listen to a low podcast, which would normally allow you to hear more noise around you, without actually hearing anything around you.

If you have never owned a pair of high quality headphones, you will be blown away by the audio quality of these, and will never be able to go back to normal headphones again.


The price is steep, falling at around $200 new.


If you want high-quality, audiophile worthy headphones in an earbud design, the Shure E4C is the pair for you. With a low impedance, they are perfect for portable players and don’t use a lot of power to drive. The bass is deep and rumbling, the audio is clear, and the soundproofing is perfect.

The unit itself is durable, and won’t easily break. Overall, if you want a high pair of earbuds and price is no problem, you would be hard pressed to find a better pair of earbuds.

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