Reviewing the Bose QuietComfort2 Headphones: Thorough Comfort

With the QuietComfort2 headphones, you get an offer you can’t refuse from Bose. Bose says of its QuietComfort2 headphones, “If you can part with them for 30 days, we’ll refund everything you paid including shipping charges.” And you know what? They can make that offer with all confidence, because once you put on the Bose QuietComfort2 headphones there’s no turning back.

I am essentially in awe at how great these headphones are at stifling all ambient sounds in a room, letting you sink purely into the music (or talk radio show) that you are listening to. The sound separation inside the headphones, it probably goes without saying, is the typical Bose super high quality. You can hear every cello, every horn, every part of the drum kit, every pull on a guitar string with perfect clarity and in its own aural space.

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I have used my Bose QuietComfort2 headphones in several different environments. I’ve used them in a public computer lab at a university library. I have used them in Internet cafĂ© settings like Borders and Barnes & Noble’s. I have used them in the privacy of my own house. The sound-proof room quality that the headphones provide is that same second-to-none quality in every place. Bose advertises that these headphones are designed to cut out the white noise from a room or environment and their advertisement rings true in their QuietComfort2 headphones (no pun intended).

Many listeners today don’t like the “full” headphone set where the phones cover your entire ear. They are used to the smaller headphones that just barely cover your earflap and outer ear. Even beyond those, they like to use those tiny earphones that fit right inside your ear. While technology has allowed many of these smaller headphones and earphones to have high quality sound and even replicate surround sound, I still like the over-the-ear, jet fighter pilot earphones. There is nothing to match a quality pair of them for separation of sound and clarity of signal. Bose, needless to say, is one of the masters of making such an instrument (or should I say play toy for big kids?). I can listen to a recording of a live concert and really feel like I am there with the QuietComfort2 headphones. I feel transported because of the thoroughness with which the Bose technology erases all outside sound.

Besides the size of the QuietComfort2 headphones, people can be put off by their price-it seemed steep at first even to a huge fan of them such as myself. But Bose does soften this blow to your bank account with a 12-month financing plan at zero percent interest. Besides, in the world of stereo systems and audio electronics, you get what you pay for. Bose charges more because the company delivers more.

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