Skullcandy Headphones Are At Least Great for Bass Anyway

Skullcandy is a company that specializes in hip headwear of the acoustic variety. They make headphones that are loud in more ways than one. Not only do they deliver sound to make your head rattle, but they look, well, cool.

Their headphones come in wireless and the old-fashioned hard wired varieties. Skullcandy prides itself on running with a hipper teen and twenty-something crowd with its multiple colors and kick butt stylized skull logo.

We’ll review the smallest and cheapest of their headphones, the sport headphone line. Starting at $24.95 and running up to $69.95, Skullcandy promises to deliver killer sound for an average price. The least inexpensive ones sit on the ear and the high end models cover the whole ear and drown out any outside noise.

These headphones are lightweight and sat well on my ears. The difference with these came when I played different music on them. Skullcandy has clearly made the headphones to go with deep bass tones that thump your eardrums out of existence. Listening to rap music just reached nirvana when you add these headphones to your lineup.

For rock music or even pop and techno, unless you like bass the wonderful symphonies mixed into several modern tracks sound tinny by comparison. No amount of finagling of the bass or treble could fix it. Without a bass track, some music just sounded flat even with ear-covering blasting in my face headphones.

Just about any other sound, though, is lost on the subtleties that multi-tracks represent. I watched part of a Star Wars movie with its great special effects and bombastic soundtrack. While the effects vibrated the heck out of my cerebrum, the music and dialogue were lost in the shuffle. I dreamt of lightsabers even if I didn’t hear what Yoda said to the Emperor before he tried to get him.

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If you just want headphones that look different and have mid-range price, go with the Lowrider starting at 40 bucks. They have green, electric blue, classic black, pink, and even orange and deep red colors to match whatever it is you want.

The headphones that completely cover your ears are the aptly named Skullcrushers at 70 dollars. They are lightweight and you hardly feel like you’re wearing them. For headphones that look cool and love bass, these are for you. If you don’t mind sacrificing the rest of the sound quality performance, go ahead and get these headphones. Other brands for the same price do just as well or better for overall presentation.

Skullcandy headphones are most widely available online or the nearest Best Buy retailer.

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