Skullcandy Ink’d: Headphone Review

Skullcandy’s Ink’d earbuds feature a simplistic design that comes in a variety of colors. These earbuds are in-ear, and supposedly noise reducing. After getting a pair for $20, here’s what I think.

If you’re looking for some replacement earbuds for your music, you should consider Ink’d. The treble and bass produced by these earbuds are exceptional in relation to the price. Unlike other earbuds which may have nonexistent bass feels, the Ink’d will not disappoint here.

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Did I mention that the design is very good? I personally enjoy the simplistic design of the earbuds, and I found them to be very comfortable as well. Overall, the cable is a good length to be unnoticeable while the whole setup is very light as well.

Simply put, these earbuds are not very durable. After a few months of usage, they just didn’t seem very sturdy at all. They’re a great set of earbuds, but you may not wish to purchase these if you like to listen to music while you do physical activities. If you would be gentle with these earbuds, they should last you long enough to make it worthwhile, however.

When you purchase earbuds, the crucial point is the sound quality. In this aspect, the Ink’d earbuds delivers. It has a good design, although it may not last you more than a few months. Despite this, I would highly recommend these earbuds to almost anyone.

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