How To Start A Farm In Minecraft

Starting A Farm In Minecraft

If you are looking for a way to provide yourself with basic needs when playing Minecraft, then starting a farm is probably the most effective way to achieve this. This will make sure you have food, both from the animals you keep and the crops that you grow.

Growing crops is the first step, as you will need these to feed any animals that you want to introduce later. You will need to destroy grass to get wheat seeds, which you can then plant using a hoe. The seeds will then begin to grow, although the time that this takes is allocated at random. It varies between five minutes and an hour. To make the wheat grow more efficiently, you can build a pit underneath the crops that is three blocks deep which can then be filled with water. Once the seeds have grown, they can then be harvested.

Maintaining the Farm

You will be able to lure animals to your farm using this wheat. Choose an animal, show it the wheat, and it will start to follow you. When you have the animal in the location that you want to keep it, build a fence around it to prevent it from escaping. You can then add another animal of the same type, and when you feed both animals with some wheat, they will begin to breed. You will need to ensure that the enclosures that you have created are big enough to hold all the animals that you have, and that you are growing enough food to keep them all.

Once you are successfully breeding your chosen animal, you can then use these animals to provide you with materials and food. If you are breeding cows for example, they can be killed for their meat, and also to create leather. The way that you kill the animals is down to you, most animals can be killed by punching them with your fist, or you may want to use a weapon such as a sword. It is also possible to set up an automatic kill switch will open floodgates which will send your animals to their death when they walk through them.

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