How To Survive The Night In Minecraft

How do I Survive The Night In Minecraft?

If you have finally decided to give in to your inhibitions and try the extremely popular Minecraft game, you are truly in for one heck of an opportunity, especially if you like being creative. But with all of the creative routes that you can take within the game, it’s also important to make note of how to survive various situations as well.

When you decide to take on Minecraft’s “Survival Mode,” one of the most common stuations that you will have to survive is the night. This is when all of the different creepies, crawlies, and other monsters come out to play, and it’s important to do everything within your power to remain protected from them until the sun comes up.

3 Ways how to survive the night in Minecraft

Perhaps the most common method is to construct a shelter. This is something you will learn how to do at the very start of Minecraft’s “Survival Mode.” These are the steps you will have to take to prepare:-Punch a tree until you receive four or five blocks of wood.

  1. Craft the wood blocks into Wooden Planks.
  2. Use the Wooden Planks to create a Crafting Table.
  3. Place the Crafting Table on the ground and use the remaining Wooden Planks to create sticks. Next, combine the sticks and planks together to create a Wooden Pickaxe.
  4. Use the Wooden Pickaxe to mine stone blocks to begin creating your shelter.

Your shelter can be any size that you want it to be wherever you want it to be located- all that matters is that you get it built before you encounter any monsters. It’s also important that you include a door of some kind on your shelter as well, which can be constructed using your crafting table (which can be made using four Wooden Planks).

You will also want to make sure that you have torches to light your home so that you will not only know where it is, but also so you can find your way around.

  • If you are out in the wilderness when night falls, there is a very simple way to protect yourself from the monsters. All you need to do is dig straight down three blocks then fill in the top.
  • If on the off-chance you are unable to construct a form of shelter while in the wilderness, your only other option to survive the night in Minecraft is to fight. It’s best to ensure that you are armed with a sword; however, you may also need to resort to using your fists or even building materials such as blocks to fight off any enemies. It may take a few hits, but eventually they will be defeated and you may even pick up some useful items as a result.

These are just three of the many different methods that you can utilize to survive the night in Minecraft. Many players come up with their own creative solutions all the time, so take the time to experiment for yourself as well!

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