Top Survival Games for Android

The Best Survival Games for Android

Survival games are fun. Those who play them feel a sense of excitement as they try to survive all of the danger these games throw at them. Once they win the game, there is a sense of accomplishment for having completed it. One of the great things about survival games for Android is the fact that they can be played on the go. Download one or more to a tablet or smart phone and one has the ability to play anywhere and anytime they choose. Read on for information on some of the top survival games for Android.

Dead Trigger 2

If you’re among the many who enjoy shooting games, and zombies, this is for you. You’ll have to shoot all of the zombies that are coming after you if you hope to survive in this game.

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A Tale of Survival

In this game you’ll have to find your own way to survive. Use your skills to roam the world and find resources to help you live. You’ll have to craft your own weapons, tools, and clothing. You will also plant and harvest foods to eat. In this game you’re totally on your own, and have only yourself to depend on if you want to survive.

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Meteor Blitz

In this game you’re in control of a spaceship. As you travel through space, you run into quite a bit of trouble in the form of meteors. One serious problem is that as you destroy them, more keep coming your way. You’ll have to pay attention, have great reflexes, and think quick if you want to survive this trip through space.

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If you were afraid of monsters as a child, this game could bring those fears back. In order to survive, you’ll have to use your large stash of weapons to get rid of the monsters chasing after you. Instead of one monster under the bed when you were a child, this time there are huge numbers of monsters coming after you. It will take a lot to make it through this game.

These are just a few of the top survival games for Android. You’ll find a great many more. These games are a lot of fun to play. If you’re looking for a fun new game to download on your phone, try one or more.

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