Top Survival Games for PC

People like survival games because they want to see if they can live through a dangerous situation and make it to the next day. Since survival games are so compelling to play here are the top 5 survival games that will keep people entertained for hours on end. These games are listed in no particular order.

Day Z

Day Z is an open source zombie survival game that has been developed by Bohemia Interactive. This game takes place in Russia where a dangerous outbreak has occured. Players will have to survive against infected people who are known as zeds. They will also have to battle against other people in an effort to survive. Players will also have to deal with situations such as scarce resources, disease outbreaks and hunting for food. This game is realistic in its approach to survival in a world that has not rules or structure.

Reign of Kings

Reign of Kings is a MMO game that takes place during the middle ages. Players are a part of a village where they can either go out and band together with other people to conquer territories or to build empires. They can also be loners and go through the game on their own. Building houses, forming guilds and going to war with other players are all activities that people can engage in whenever they play Reign of Kings.

The Forest

The Forest: When a player’s plane goes down over an abandoned island they will have to do everything they can to survive. What makes survival really tough ae the cannibals that is hunting for their flesh. When players play this game they will have to hunt for food and supplies and build shelters while fighting off the flesh eating humans that want to consume their soul.


Subnautica is a fairly new survival game. This game takes place underwater and players must manage their oxygen supply if they plan on surviving. They also have to search for supplies, food and water. Lots of underwater environments will keep people busy for hours on end. The game is also loaded with lots of surprise creatures and animals that will make the game more challenging and exciting.


H1Z1 is a zombie survival game where players team up and form towns or build up their own bases to fight against zombies or each other. The game takes place in America where society has literally collapsed because of the zombie infestation. Players will be able to create their own special weapons and to collect resources. They will also be able to trade their resources and to interact with other players. H1Z1 was created by Daybreak Game Company.

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