Top Three Tips for Every Vacationer: Travelers Tips for Cruises, Planes, and Finding Food

For many, traveling is a dream. For many others, it turns into a nightmare. Stolen goods, constrained flights, and disappointing dinners can ruin a long-awaited vacation of every kind.

How to Fly Like First-Class – In Coach!

Airplanes are designed to accommodate maximum capacity – that is, they’re designed to fit as many paying passengers as possible on-board. Translation: very cramped quarters. Yes, for anyone outside of the first-class cabin, air travel for more than a few hours becomes uncomfortable and claustrophobic.

How can travelers get that extra wiggle room? Well, short of using those well-earned miles for a tempting upgrade, there’s always the Exit Row. Exit rows have a lot of extra leg room. They have to accommodate people in the event of an emergency, so there’s plenty of room in the meantime. Upon check-in, ask if the agent if there are any exit rows available. If the flight isn’t oversold (and anyone who read this article didn’t beat you to it), there’s a good chance there is an exit row seat available. If not, don’t fret.

Prior to take-off, ask the gate agent at the counter (not the agent responsible for boarding the plane) if any exit rows have opened up – if someone missed a connection or hasn’t checked in for the flight, their seat will become available.

Still no promise of long leg stretches? There’s one last possibility. Children under 14 aren’t legally allowed to occupy exit rows, so a flight attendant will have to reseat them. Also, if anyone occupying that seat is unable to perform the necessary tasks of opening the exit doors in the unlikely event of an emergency, they will be reseated as well. When the time comes, simply ask to be reseated and snag that cushy space! Keep an eye out – once everyone has boarded the plane, they go fast!

The Best Place to Keep Treasure “Safe”

Cruises are prime places to purchase new valuables. Onboard art auctions, duty-free shops, and locally-priced loose gems are some of the best cruise perks! However, cruise ships and ports are also among the top places for pick-pocketing and robbery.

Even for those who have purchased traveler’s insurance, stolen goods will not be covered under most policies unless the items were stored in the purser’s safe. That horrible fine-print usually clarifies that policies will not cover the loss of items stored in staterooms, luggage, or other places on the ship (or on the person).

Where does that leave vacationers’ valuables? Upon check-in, go to the Purser’s Desk. Cruisers generally need to go there anyway to check-in, get beverage cards, or if they have any questions about the ship or the ports. The best advice for travelers is to secure a spot with their safe as soon as possible for any new-found treasures. The safes do fill up, and once they’re full, no other goods will be accepted.

How to Find the Best Restaurants Abroad

Looking for the best place to grab grub? Ask a local! The real place to find the best food any destination has to offer comes straight from the mouths that enjoy it everyday. Eating out on vacation can be brutal – no doubt many have spent an entire tropical adventure experiencing “Montezuma’s Revenge,” so for the truly delicious (and safe!) fare, get out there and ask the residents!

Travelers are surrounded by locals who know the “diamonds in the rough,” yet many choose to consult random online ratings, only to be met with disaster. From now on, make it a point to ask a handful of residents where to find the absolute best the city has to offer and when one name keeps popping up, its sure to please the palate!

For vacationers on a resort, skip the concierge. Sometimes resorts get kick-backs from restaurants for recommendations – sometimes they’re worth it, sometimes they’re not. For the truly tantalizing meal, the bellhop is more likely to get it right!

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