TrackR Review – Is it The Best Tracking Device?

Let us admit, we tend to be forgetful oftentimes. And losing essential items such as keys, wallets, phones, cards and documents over and over again is time-consuming, annoying and unsettling. However, you can put an end to this dilemma with the help of Bluetooth tracking gadgets. These are big time-savers, absolutely handy and practical tool to help locate your lost belongings. One reliable tracking device that is offered in the market today is the TrackR Bravo.

This article serves as a trackr review so you would have a bit of information regarding the tool before splurging into investing in some. The TrackR Bravo is a Bluetooth device at a size of a coin that can be attached to your keys, wallets, gadgets and anything else that you tend to lose easily. It comes with a key ring and adhesive pad for attachment. Whenever these things cannot be located, you will just have to use your phone to make the TrackR beep.


Design, Features and Performance

The TrackR is a tiny, lightweight plastic disc about the size of a quarter coin that shrinks in a small loop at the top. It basically measures about 1.2 inches from corner to corner, 0.2 inches thick and weighs just about 0.3 ounces. It has a printed logo on the front and a backlit pairing button below it. It works with Bluetooth 4.0 devices on both Android and iOS. Please note that you can pair your SmartPhones with up to ten TrackRs. This tracking device does not have a rechargeable battery but uses a standard CR1616 coin cell that needs to be replaced once in every year.

It also comes with a special feature that is the distance indicator which keeps track between your current location and your valuables location. Whenever they are out of range, the TrackR will notify you with an alarm. The Item Ringer feature will allow you to ring the device through the TrackR app by releasing a sound that will help you locate the lost item. Moreover, this Bluetooth tracking device can work reversely. It can also help when you lose your phone by pressing a button at your TrackR device which is most probably attached to your valuables. The device will indicate the TrackR App to alarm stridently even if it has been set to silent mode. It also comes with Separation Alerts that allows the device to signal when you are leaving the range without your phone and valuables in hand.


Other Accessories

The Manufacturer of this reliable TrackR Bravo device also launched accessories to pair with the device. These are the pet collar attachment, metal carabiner, and water resistant case. The pet collar attachment permits you to use the tracking device on to your pets to prevent them from getting lost. The Metal carabiner is the small metal hook that lets you attach the device into your valuables aside from the key-ring and adhesive tape. Lastly, you can bring this tracking device even on wet environments with its waterproof case.

The Judgment

The TrackR Bravo is my preferred Bluetooth tracking device among its contemporaries because of its sleek and compact design that makes it easier and more fitting to be held in the pocket. The replaceable battery and waterproof case are two wonderful features that makes it outstanding and worth investing for.

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