How to apply for the Virgin Australia Credit Card

Are you an inveterate flyer and are looking for that one card you can use in whatever country you land in? Well, make a point to request for a Virgin Australia credit card, which apparently stacks its share of perks and benefits that a frequent traveler is allowed to take advantage of.

The cards come in various shapes and forms, and depending on the type of card you decide to go with; there’s virtually no limit as to what you can do with them.

For instance, with the card, you’re allowed to purchase both in-store and online products and services from anywhere in the world. That’s beside using the card to book for a plane ticket and accommodation both locally or anywhere else in the world.

And that’s NOT where it ends – you can liquefy part of your account balance by making cash withdrawals; as you enjoy loads of cash back benefits and a series of other rewards as listed below.


Virgin Australia Credit Card Features

Virgin Australia is well known for offering a broad range of credit cards, suited for all kinds of people, needs and lifestyle. As a traveler, your options stretch from the low-cost Virgin Money card, which comes with no annual fee, to the Velocity High Flyers that are well suited for the elite class.

Virgin No Annual Fee Card

Virgin No Annual Fee is the most affordable of the cards offered by the company. And as the name suggests, the company doesn’t impose any annual fee on the card.

It’s to be however noted that the card offers no cash back benefits or rewards points. But even with this, it does stack its share of perks and benefits that make it a worthwhile option to consider.


Virgin Money No Annual Fee Card Benefits

  1. Virgin Money offers a low-interest rate of 6.9% on the card upon opening an account, as your welcome gift.
  2. The card arrives with a series of security features including Fraudshield that works around the clock to alert you in case your card registers an unauthorized transaction.
  3. The card allows you to take advantage of Visa’s Zero liability policy. With this, you can be sure of NOT suffering a liability as a result of unauthorized transactions.
  4. The card allows you to request for four other cardholders using the same account at absolutely zero cost.
  5. Lastly, from the name, this is the only Virgin Australia card that comes with no annual fees, despite stacking a long list of advantages.


How to Apply for Card

To apply for the card, you can start by visiting the Virgin Australia official website where you’ll be given an online application form to fill in. At while at it, it’s important to make sure that you’re complying with every single one of the company’s requirements to a T.

One requirement is that you must be above the legal age of 18 years to qualify for the card. Your yearly income must at least total up to $25,000. And most importantly, your credit history must also be good enough for you to qualify for the card.

Depending on your financial capacity and credit score, the company will award you with a credit limit of between $2,000 to $10,000 if your application sails through.


Fees and Interest Rate

The card comes with no annual fee. You’ll be however charged $2.75 for every cash advance NOT exceeding $100 and a 2.7% of any transaction that’s above $100.

And in the event that you fail to make your payments on time, the bank will be charging you an additional $10 for every late payment.

It’s also worth noting that after the 36 months elapse, your credit card interest rate will automatically shoot up to 18.99%.



On the overall, this is the credit card to settle for if you’re looking for an affordable card that you can use in both Australia and the other countries you frequently travel to. That being said, you’re hereby invited to visit the Virgin Australia official website and submit your application so you can right away start enjoying all the benefits that come with being a holder of the Virgin Australia No Annual Fee card.

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