What is E3?

What is E3? E3 stands for Electronic Entertainment Expo, thus the name E3. E3 is essentially a convention or gathering of every major gaming, entertainment, computer hardware, etc. company in the world. At E3, many games are announced, along with new hardware, new consoles, and much, much more. E3 is quite possibly the largest event in all of gaming, and certainly plays the largest role in the gaming industry.

e3 convention

So, Who goes to E3?

Try, Microsoft, Sony, Ubisoft, Square Enix, Bethesda, AMD, and various other big named brands. These companies announce their next huge products. For example, this year at E3 Microsoft showed off their new hologram technology that is compatible with the XBOX ONE and Minecraft, Sony showed a huge list of new games, including the Final Fantasy VII Remake and No Man’s Sky.Bethesda premiered Fallout 4 and gave us tons of information, showed us the new DOOM,and their brand newElder Scrollscard game.

AMD gave us a first look¬†at their new graphics cards, which is HUGE to the gaming industry! The two major consoles use AMD technology, and many PC gamers rely on AMD for their builds. AMD is a major company in gaming, and when a company that produces the hardware that we all rely on, like AMD, reveals to us what they’ve been working on, it is huge because this means that developers get new hardware that they can use to make their games even more graphically intensive.

The thing that makes E3 even more important is the fact that you see the things that game companies have been working on, like the holographic device that Microsoft revealed to us. When one company shows to the rest of the world such a huge thing that they have been working on, it encourages other companies to try to do so as well.

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