Where to Find Free eBooks and How to Download Free Kindle Books

An Amazon Kindle can be an expensive device, but free ebooks can reduce your book budget. Project Gutenberg is one of the the best sites to download free ebooks, and you can learn how to download the right file type for your Kindle and have it sent to your device. If you are new to downloading books, don’t worry. Project Gutenberg makes ereading easy, and Amazon makes it simple to get books on your Kindle.

Free eBooks: Project Gutenberg

Sometimes ebook libraries are so vast that they seem overwhelming. Project Gutenberg has one of the largest ebook collections in the world, but the site is simple to use. If you are just getting started with your ebook reader, try downloading books from Project Gutenberg to learn how to find free books and put them on your ereader. You can search for many books, but this beginner’s guide will walk you through downloading a book and transferring it to your Kindle. If you click on the images at the bottom of this article, they will be bigger and you can see the detailed instructions.

How to Find Free Books on Project Gutenberg

When you first go to Project Gutenberg, the left side of the screen has a box to search by author, title, and etext number. You only need to fill in one box. To practice using Project Gutenberg, put in Jane Austen as the author and press the go button. You will see a list of Jane Austen’s books. The book icon means it is an ebook file and the sound icon means it is an audiobook file. The top file has the complete works of Jane Austen, including Pride and Prejudice.

To practice using Project Gutenberg, we will use Emma, because the file size is smaller. Click on Emma, with the book icon next to it. You will then see a screen with four tabs: Bibrec, Download, QR Code, and Twitter. Click on the Download tab. Suddenly, you will get a lot of choices, and this is when file types begin to matter.

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How to Download Free Kindle Books

If you are using an Amazon Kindle, your Project Gutenberg file type is usually listed on Project Gutenberg as “Kindle,” just like it is for Emma. The Kindle can use .mobi or .azw files, so sometimes you will see those file extensions, too. Make sure you know where the file is going to be saved, because you will need to use information to get your downloaded ebook onto your Kindle.

lick the words “Kindle (no images)” for Emma, and a dialogue box opens to save the file. The file will not say the title name, so don’t worry if just looks like numbers. Make sure “save file” is the selected option, and press the “Ok” button. The ebook will download to your computer. I usually save my files to the desktop, because I delete them once they are on my Kindle.

How to Move your Free eBook onto your Kindle

Now that your file is downloaded, you need to get it on your Kindle. If your USB Kindle cable is handy, you can plug your Kindle into the computer, The computer will see the Kindle as another drive. You can drag the file from your desktop or your my documents folder and put it in the Kindle drive, just like you were moving pictures from an SD card to your computer.

The easiest way to get books onto your Kindle will actually cost a little money, because it involves sending it to Amazon. It will cost 15 cents to have Emma put on your Kindle by Amazon. You need to set up your Amazon Kindle email address if you have not done so, because you will email your ebook from your home email to your Kindle email. This is not your Amazon account email, it is designated just for your Kindle. Amazon.com has instructions on how to set up your Kindle email in “Sending Personal Documents to Kindle.”

Once your Kindle email is set up with your home email account on the approved email list, all you have to do is email the ebook file from your home email account to your Kindle email account. You do not need to type anything in the subject line or the body of the email, but I usually put the title of the book in the subject line.

As soon as you send the email to Amazon, turn on your Kindle wireless option and check for new content (on the menu page). The file should download quickly since it is small and in Kindle format. Sometimes large pdf files that require conversion take longer to download. The book will appear as a new book, and you can start reading happily!

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